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Dependency graph of a web-scale architecture

Large web-scale systems have many sub-components that interact and depend on each other. The relations between these sub-systems are not evident from just looking at them.

Unit of work in a distributed system

There is a large body of research on ordering events and transactions in large distributed software systems. In the past, these large distributed systems were highly specialized and took special care to deal with these things.

Scala code quality metrics (multi paradigm)

Scala is gaining more traction as a programming language for large software systems, it is used in companies such a Netflix and Twitter and is the base for many great products.

Improve the interpretability of Machine Learning models

Machine learning models and deep learning models provide a powerful way to help recommend best actions, predict various outputs and classify data.

Improve Machine Learning text classification models with ensemble learning

Info Support is doing a lot of work for customers that use chatbots to automate customer service processes.

Automatic assessment of dataset quality for Machine Learning

With the rise of automated machine learning tools it becomes much easier for developers to build machine learning models.

Differential privacy for AI & Machine Learning models

Although the implementation of privacy regulations and laws is not a recent development, new laws are being implemented to fit the challenges and characteristics of the modern information era.

Text style transfer using deep neural networks

We’ve all seen how neural networks can be used to transfer the artistic style of one image to another image.