IoT and edge analytics for farming equipment

Within IoT, the research on Edge analytics that is done in agricultural domain is very focused to the USA market. In this Master thesis you will explore applications for Edge analytics within the Dutch context.

Benodigde interesse(s)

  • Data & AI
  • Internet of Things
  • Software & Architecture

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  • Een uitdagende afstudeeropdracht
  • € 1000 vergoeding, € 500 + leaseauto of € 600 + woonruimte
  • Professionele begeleiding
  • Trainingen gericht op jouw afstudeertraject
  • Sparren met andere afstudeerders en collega’s
  • Twee vakantiedagen per maand

Wat je gaat doen

  • 35% Afstudeeronderzoek
  • 40% Analyseren, ontwerpen, realiseren
  • 25% Documentatie

In agricultural companies there is a steady increase in amount of farming equipment and machinery with the purpose of optimizing day to day business. Many of these devices are proprietary and the data is kept and analyzed on the device (think i.e. of environmental control system for barns) which is limiting, or is fully connected to Cloud which is costly and limited by volume of data and infrastructure. But, smart devices and smart machinery that are utilizing IoT are increasingly looking into edge analytics as the most ideal solution to solve this bottleneck. Edge analytics is tightly coupled with (sitting on or close to) IoT device, so it can both collect, process and analyze right at the source.

Edge analytics is a topic that is being researched within the IoT context for years. However, its application in agricultural domain is limited. The research on this topic that is happening in agricultural domain is very focused to USA market, which differs significantly from the Dutch market. In this research, your goal will be to explore applications for edge analytics within the Dutch context. Depending on your preference, you can either focus on farms or hardware provider. With focus on farms, your focus will be on fitting of multi-access or mobile edge computing (MEC) within the existing systems.

If your preference lies on the side of hardware provider, you will be assessing the added value of using edge analytics for data analytics and decision support within their devices.

Relevant article:

The research can be done as general research, or in collaboration with one of Info Supports client which provides farming equipment.

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