Testing the Explanations of Explainable AI

Create an AutoML-like solution that picks the most interpretable model from a range of possible good enough models.

Required interest(s)

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Explainable AI

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  • A challenging assignment within a practical environment
  • € 1000 compensation, € 500 + lease car or € 600 + living space
  • Professional guidance
  • Courses aimed at your graduation period
  • Support from our academic Research center at your disposal
  • Two vacation days per month

What you will do

  • 65% Research
  • 10% Analyze, design, realize
  • 25% Documentation

Explainable machine learning and artificial intelligence models have been used to justify a model’s decision-making process. This added transparency aims to help improve user performance and understanding of the underlying model. However, in practice, explainable systems face many open questions and challenges.

Model agnostic explanations are more approximations. In general there are two kinds of explanations: global and local explanations. For the latter, there’s the possibility that the explanation is off, because it only looks at the local inference. It’s possible that for opposite inference, we get exactly the same explanations. To get proper explanations we’ll need to be able to test them. Are the explanations sensible to business experts and aren’t there any same explanations for opposite outcomes? And do we know when explanations will change?

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