IT-graduation at Info Support. Can you do IT?

You are about to complete your study with a master thesis. An important moment during your study. The Research Center of Info Support offers you the opportunity to graduate at a scientific level within the framework of our IT-practice.

We anticipate on upcoming and future challenges and ensures our engineers develop cutting-edge solutions based on the latest scientific insights. Our research community proactively tackles emerging technologies.

We do this in cooperation with renowned scientists, making sure that research teams are positioned and embedded throughout our organisation and our community, so that their insights are directly applied to our business.

We truly believe in sharing knowledge, so we want to do this without any restrictions.

Developing your thesis research

Info Support is happy to think along with you and your thesis supervisor to come up with a research project that suits you and will result in a win-win situation. This project can be realised in one of two ways:

  1. You choose one of the existing assignments within the scope of our Research Ambitions

The research questions that Info Support seeks to answer stem from the Info Support Research Center. These are issues that our clients and IT-specialists want to resolve. As a result, you can rest assured that the research you will conduct is highly relevant and will make a valuable contribution to the world of business.

  1. You choose your own research topic and present it for approval to your university’s thesis supervisor and Info Support.

We encourage creativity and initiative and are always open to relevant and interesting topics that can benefit Info Support and its clients. That means your ideas can be as innovative as you want. A few examples of the themes that we can offer a wealth of support for are Software Architecture, Software Development Methodologies and Data & Artificial Intelligence.


As you conduct your research, you will receive intensive support and expert guidance from both a general supervisor and a process supervisor. They will help you come up with a relevant research project and are there for you during the execution of your research. Furthermore, you will be surrounded by professionals from the Info Support Research Center and third parties who are eager to use their expertise and experience to think along with you or answer any substantive questions you may have. In turn, they want to be inspired by you and can immediately apply and test your theories and conclusions in practice.

During the Corona period this will be almost the same. You can mainly work from home, but we also provide Corona-proof workplaces in our office. During this period we give extra focus to personal guidance.

Master Theses

graduation assignment

Integrating the privacy-by-design system IRMA in CryptPad

IRMA (I Reveal My Attributes) is a system to protect your privacy. It does this by only revealing so called 'attributes' of a person. Can CryptPad be improved by integrating IRMA by comparing approach…

graduation assignment

Faster mutation testing with Stryker

Mutation testing is a way to measure the effectiveness of unit tests. Stryker Mutator, an open-source mutation testing framework by Info Support is allready fast. Find areas where improvements can sti…

graduation assignment

3D Background Reconstruction from 2D Videos Based on Biological Depth Cues

Develop a depth estimation method capable of learning human vision-based cues (such as semantic meaning, blurring, or texture), for its application on 2D background extraction and its reconstruction i…

graduation assignment

Self-Supervised Single-Image Depth Estimation with Adversarial Networks

Train a Generative Adversarial Network as a disparity prediction model, by generating the pair (left-side) image of an input in a hypothetical 3D camera setting, to estimate depth in a 2D scene.