Are you new to the world of open source?

Have you never participated in an open source project before? Then join Maarten Mulders’ lunch webinar ‘How can I contribute to open source’ for Hacktoberfest. Maarten is a Java Champion, maintainer of Apache Maven, and an IT consultant at Info Support. The lunch webinars take place on:

  • Wednesday, September 27, 12:00-1:00 PM
  • Friday, September 29, 12:00-1:00 PM.

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About open source projects

What is the added value of an open source project? That value is immense. Besides allowing many eyes to review and improve the code, it promotes transparency and trust. Data in an open source system is available to everyone. Consider, for instance, the corona-app or X (Twitter). By granting everyone access to the code, you can personally verify if your data is being misused. Beyond the intrinsic benefits, it’s also thrilling to realize that your contributions can be used worldwide. The personal sense of adding value is significant too!