Where software engineering & data engineering merge and/or collide…

Why data?

Data becomes increasingly more important to companies. Having the right data in the right place at the right time with the right quality is more and more crucial for supporting business decisions, optimization, automation and feeding AI models. And on the other hand, the customers are also more involved and curious for more information about their favorite products; where does this product come from? What are the ingredients? Etc.

Microservices, event-driven, isolated (polyglot) data storage. All popular developments within the software engineering/architecture to realize a modular and scalable solutions. But what kind of data handling and storage do you need. Is transaction support required or is eventual consistency enough? What are the options that we have? Having the data stored is one thing. But with the modular approach how do we get the shared overview of the entire organization when the data is spread over the microservices?

During this master class we will dive into where Data & Software engineering/architecture aspects are merging and/or colliding. (side node through the glasses of a Data Architect)

The topics are:

  1. What is the Data perspective on software engineering/architecture
  2. Micro services / event driven architecture and data analytic challenges
  3. Data storage options (Polyglot persistence) – Relational, Graph, Colum family, Document
  4. (Bonus topic if time permits) Modern Data Platforms architectures

Spoiler alert! Software Engineering/Architecture without data perspective is not an option and the same for the other way around….
This is the era where software engineering and data engineering skills are becoming more and more intertwined.

Of course there is also enough room for questions.

Date: Monday December 13th
Time: 15:30-17:30
Location: online